Saturday, October 11, 2008


20 x 16, acrylic on canvas.  Our neighbor's across the street are moving today, and they're taking their three (we always thought they only had two) shelties with them.  We didn't see those dogs too often, but it was always a treat when we did.  I don't even know if anyone's bought that house yet.  One house next door to us has been empty for almost a year and a half, and now we may have another empty house across the street.  Nobody wants to live near us, I guess.  The only question is, how can I turn one of these houses into a studio without anyone knowing?  Hmmm...

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Lizipinfe said...

I love the warmth in this painting!

Oh, and crazily enough, squatters have rights too! Just move your studio into one of the houses b/c I've read that if you can manage to stay there for 5yrs w/ no complaints from the owner (I'm making up the length of time -- I can't remember how long it really is), then it's yours to keep! :)