Sunday, October 12, 2008


16 x 20, acrylic on canvas.  We hit up the corn maze at Richardson Farm this weekend.  They offer you maps with various points that you can try to find in order to punch holes in the maps.  They're divided up into various sections, but you can do all of them if you want, causing you to find 24 separate stations and going through practically the entire maze.  It's starting to become a Fall tradition for us to go there and do the entire maze.  If you're dedicated enough, you can finish it in about an hour and a half, barring getting stuck behind large, slow groups of people.  This was our first year attempting it with a (nearly) full moon, and neat as it is to have your path lit for you only by the moon, it does little good for reading a map.  ;)  The very first time we did the maze a few years ago, we didn't have flashlights with us and had to use our cellphones to see the map.  I have no idea how we managed, but we made it the whole way through with our phones practically out of batteries.  Good times!

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